New Kilim Rugs

To ensure the old traditions are preserved, the Turks have returned to weaving using the old methods.

Recipes for vegetable dyes and traditional patterns are being resurrected. Please ring: we are happy to discuss your requirements - price on application.

Price guide, depending upon size: starting from £100

Old Kilim Rugs

There are many different styles, types and designs of old kilims, from different regions of Turkey. They are becoming increasingly difficult to find though, but we try to have a small selection of both old and new rugs in stock. Prices vary depending on age, size and quality, but there is something for everyone. Please ring us - we are happy to discuss your requirements - prices on application.

Price guide: starting from £400

Hello and welcome to our rug Gallery.

Here are the rugs we have in stock at the moment. All shapes, sizes, colours and prices, hopefully there's a rug for everyone. Price on application. Please single click on any of the images for a better view of each rug.