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Kilim Shoes, Bag and Dog Collar

This year, we have a larger selection of rugs than ever, which remain very popular, and we try to have something for everyone both in size and price. Distance permitting, we will bring rugs to show you free of charge to make sure you are happy with them. Please check out the Rug Gallery for the latest selection available of our entire stock of old and new kilim rugs, which includes photos and size details.

We still make all the old favourites for your home, place mats,waste bins and photo frames etc. and bags,purses, belts as well as the shoes for yourself. We sincerely hope you like our range

Brighten up your home with any of our pieces of furniture, carefuly covered by local craftsmen, to be handed down to your children. Please don’t forget that all the furniture featured can be covered in an upholstery-weight fabric of your choice, rather than kilim if you wish.

Once again, a big thank you to everyone for the success we have enjoyed over the years and we hope you will continue to be delighted by our beautiful products, both old and new.

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